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Zarifa has journeyed down many metaphysical paths in her life, leading her through the power of healing stone therapy, crystal healings, tarot, oil and candle therapy, and studies in the Egyptian gods and godesses, moon cycles, feng shui, meditation, is an ordained priestess of the Temple of Isis, and of course is an experienced and fun instructor in belly dance for beginning and intermediate students.

Metaphysical therapies are not for everyone and are not a substitute for medical or serious emotional therapy. Some of these services and classes are free and are Zarifa's way of returning some of the love and joy she has found in her path through life. Contact Zarifa to begin your own journey to explore your inner power with one of the many workshops and classes offered in the San Diego area.

Healing Stone and Crystal Healing Therapy

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Zarifa has often used the energy of precious and semi-precious healing stones to help people find spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The human body is a whirlwind of energies that cannot be seen or touched by most. There are seven chakras that are the centers of spiritual power in the human body, beginning at the base of the spine with their apex over the top of the head. If the chakra energies are not balanced or are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. An empath, sensitive to the subtle variations of a human's energy, Zarifa uses these crystals and gemstones to amplify and resolve such blockages to restore a person's harmony and balance.

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Healing Oils and Candle Therapy

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Have you ever been frustrated or angry, then entered a room or restaurant to be assaulted with wonderful aromas that somehow brush aside your frustration, resulting in a calming and peaceful state of mind? Just the smell of a wild flower or scent of some exotic herb can take you away. Healing oils and candle therapy take this effect to a whole new level, focusing specific oils and candle scents to specific states of mind. Oil and candle therapy can also be used to address alignment of the chakras. Join Zarifa in exploring the effects of specific areas of your life that can improve with the application of scented oil and colored candle therapy. Each workshop includes a personalized oil for each student to get started on candle and oil therapy.

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Understanding Moon Cycles

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Most women are familiar with the connection between their bodies and cycles of the moon, but in these workshops Zarifa explores the deeper effect of moon cycles on all humanity. Like the ocean tides, the lunar orbit pulls at our energies and can affect the ways in which we think, feel, and express ourselves to the world. An understanding of these cycles can lead to an understanding of what is happening in our relationships, career, general health, and spiritual balance. In these workshops, Zarifa includes an anointed candle specific to you and the lunar cycles surrounding your life.

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Study of the Egyptian Gods and Godesses

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Most western hemisphere cultures are aware of the Egyptian gods and godesses from a historical and informative standpoint. Zarifa is an ordained high priestess of the Temple of Isis and shares her understanding of the Egyptian theology from a metaphysical and spiritual view that is relevant to each of us, even in today's technologically advanced society. In these workshops she will explore the Egyptian theology in new ways, including personal worksheets and essential anointing oils.

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Feng Shui Workshops

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Zarifa adds her own flavor to old school Form Feng Shui (as opposed to Compass Feng Shui) in these workshops to help you empathically "feel" the energies passing through your living and work spaces, rather than learning them by rote. Each workshop includes an exploration of the applications of color, elements, and chi using the Bagua, and includes a gift package for your first Feng Shui layout.

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Tarot Readings and Tarot Workshops

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Zarifa offers tarot readings by appointment only, but would rather share her experience in tarot workshops in which you will learn a less traditional approach to tarot. Instead of referring to books or charts to divine card meanings, Zarifa will share with you how to find your intuitive insight and develop it with the tarot deck's energy. Zarifa feels everyone has abilities that just need to be unleashed and channeled. With her guidance you will be amazed at things you didn't know you could do. People will be paired up and doing readings by the end of the workshop. Because the cards hold the energy of those that have held them, you are encouraged to bring your own tarot decks to get the most out of these workshops.

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Meditation workshops

The world moves at a much faster pace today than ever; we are forever rushed in an effort to keep up with it's perpetual momentum. Meditation restores the inner peace and calm that keeps us in touch with the universe and who we are as human beings, and more prepared to deal with life's challenges. In these workshops, Zarifa shares several unique methods that will enable you to turn down life's volume to explore meditation as a regular practice.

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Contact Zarifa for further information or to attend ongoing belly dance classes, arrange belly dance lessons, or arrange workshops in healing stones, crystal healing, oil and candle therapy, moon cycles, Egyptian god or godesses, Feng Shui, Tarot, or meditation.


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