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Earn 10% on every sale you refer to Zarifa's Touch of Egypt

Zarifa's Touch of Egypt brings you the opportunity to earn 10% on every sale you refer to Zarifa's. We have been blessed with a successful business, and it's time to share our blessings with you!

How it works

Before joining the affiliate program, please review the following resources and details:

If you're ready to start earning 10% of every sale you refer to Zarifa's Touch of Egypt,


* Referrals must result in a sale. Commissions that result in a return or chargeback are rendered ineligible. Your commissions are eligible for payment 30 days after the sale and you must accrue a minimum of $50.00 in sales to become eligible for payment. Your commissions do not expire over time. See the program documentation and Terms of Service agreement for details.


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