When Isis Throws the Switch

Coping with the changes between active work and calm devotion

deTraci Regula, author of The Mysteries of Isis and Egyptian Scarab Oracle

Sometimes we forget the theme of "twins" in the Osirian traditions. Technically, Osiris is a twin with Set; Isis is a twin with Nepthys; even Horus is sometimes said to be a twin of Bast. We may also forget the alternating polarities, the constant shift between active and passive which is clearly indicated in the myths themselves.

Osiris is the busy king, never staying in one place, inventing, traveling, loving - and then, he is suddenly the gloomy, bandage wrapped king of the dead, bound to one place, seemingly forever. Isis is the potent queen -then she is Set's slave, doing nothing but sitting in one place, endlessly weaving. Or, from being queen in the safety of the palace, she is then a homeless woman wandering in the reeds.

Most of us take either an active or a passive role in our worship of Isis. The priestesses and priests who are in perpetual motion, arranging rites, creating groups, leading and pushing are usually not, at the same time, the contemplative, meditational, devotional ones. While most of us blend both roles to a degree, there is usually one half of the equation that we are most comfortable with, and that we tend to cling to, even if Isis is indicating that we should go another way.

This past year I've seen many changes in the priests and priestesses I know. Offhand, I would say that at least thirty percent have encountered a massive change in their mode of worship, and often in their everyday lives as well. The vigorous organizers are suddenly the devotional meditators. The intuitive, sensitive ones are suddenly braving the media or taking on massive mundane-world responsibilities. Everyone is feeling shaken - we all forget that Isis likes us to grow, getting bigger and stronger, and sometimes, that means going outside of our safety zones. Sometimes it means moving to a spiritual country we would never even choose to visit.

Why are these switches necessary? Possibly it is because to understand either side, we have to experience both. Perhaps Isis needs individuals who are strong and comfortable in both modes, not just one, and this is Her way of making them. Maybe some of us have grown too complacent in one way of worship, or even believe that "our" way is secretly the "better" way....if not the "only" way. Take that attitude much further, and we have the beginnings of a nasty fanaticism, and this may be one way of Isis helping us to avoid our own weaknesses.

So Isis picks up one of her favorite tools, the sistrum which spins its disks into movement, which makes music from the clanging together of different parts, and gives it a good shake. It's time to let go and go with the "vibe" or be (temporarily) shaken to bits until we do.

Tips for Coping When Things Speed Up:

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